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2014 Feature on Wayne Lanter and "If The Sun Should Ask Witch Doctors, Proverbs, and Parables"
2013 The Scripted Interview: Poet and Fiction Writer Wayne Lanter, His New Novel The Final Days.
2013 Memory And Men Explored In Lanter's "In This House Of Men"
2012 The Academe Blog: An Interview with Wayne Lanter
2006 An Image of Contemporary Literature: 21st Century, Desperado Literature
Published in LIDIA VIANU, Desperado Essay-Interviews, Editura Universitatii din Bucuresti, 2006

Television Interviews and Reviews

2000 Works in Progress (.mpg download)
1998 Off the Shelf (.mpg download)
1997 At Float on the Ohta-gawa (.mpg download)
1995 The Waiting Room (.mpg download)


2016 Kirkus: Psyaint David
2014 Kirkus: If the Sun Should Ask
2014 Foreward Reviews: If the Sun Should Ask
2012 Foreward Reviews: Defending the Citadel
2012 Kirkus: Defending the Citadel
2003 Stride Magazine, A Book to Inhabit: The Final Days
2003 Amazon Review: The Final Days
2003 I. E. Mozeson on The Final Days
1999 Amazon Review: The Waiting Room



Success and happiness are written in white ink on white paper.
Human problems and suffering are scrawled in blood and black ink.


If you put your hand in water and pull it out,
it will not leave a hole.
But your hand will be wet,
and that is the source for a thousand years of wonder.


It is a short step from
believing in
what is not there
to not believing in
what is there.

in memoriam

Each narrative, be it art, science, or gossip, provides a fragment for the awakening, enhancement, and extension of the consciousness that embraces it.